Save time when preparing forms and documents at your law firm. Skip the manual data entry and automate the process from start to finish with legalforms Docs. Build templates from scratch or upload existing ones to use again and again. Document automation for law firms helps increase efficiency and reduce costs. Customize, automate, and reduce errors using legalforms Docs.
Document Automation for Lawyers
Generate legal documents without the hours of work. Start with a template and use the intuitive editor to customize and format the form. Add in merge tags that can be used later to autofill data from the case. From there you can automatically populate a variety of forms and documents, like letters or motions, with information applicable to each case. This way, you won't have to spend time scouring your old files for document templates and manually enter data.
Upload and Edit
Whether you need to create a new template or upload your own, use legalforms Docs to streamline legal document generation for any practice area. Mark the practice area for your new petition, form, or letter and customize the template using our online editor.
Create Custom Tags
Add merge tags into like Name, District, or Case Number. Or, create your own custom tag for text you want to be automatically merged for each case. These new tags will be available options for all your future cases.
Start a New Case
Once the template is completed, get started by creating a new case in legalforms, and you'll see all of your custom tags according to the practice area. Enter in any client data.
Client Intake with legalforms
Client Intake with legalforms's Client Portal
Another great way to expedite your workflows is by using the legalforms Client Portal, a customizable online questionnaire and portal for clients. They'll enter in the information needed for you to review and import their data into the case.
Automatically Fill Forms
With the client data entered into legalforms, you can create legal documents with just a few clicks. The tags you added merge client and firm information into the document, saving you hours of time.

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